Happy fall, y'all. Some writing links + my 3 wishes for what happens after this election.

Hasn't it been an intense several months. I don't even want to pose that as a rhetorical question—a rare time I feel I know how everyone feels! I'm grateful for community and communication and respectful disagreements. Everything else has been grist for my evolution mill.

I voted yesterday, and I hope that if you're eligible and you haven't done so already, you will by next Tuesday evening. I'm not endorsing any candidates, but I do want to share a few of my hopes for the evolution of our political process:

That we better practice tolerance and coexistence.
We're never going to agree on everything, but I have hope that we can discuss and disagree more respectfully. Social media has been a huge learning tool for me this election—I've had a lot of political discussions on FB threads. Not surprisingly, there's never been a consensus of opinion. But all of the threads have been very civil and polite.
I hear that's not the norm. I hope it can become so.

That people become more active voters and constituents.
I've never discussed voting much with people until this election, mostly because I know many people have been too apathetic to vote—even though I vote in every election. So, it's been amazing to share about something that's very important to me and see people's perspectives shift. I hope that continues into people seeing the importance of voting much more frequently.

That third parties gain traction in other offices and levels of government.
With more engaged constituents who vote more often, I hope that third parties gain momentum and increase their scope to other elections. I think additional political parties will help evolve our current system, but that they need to be more active and present in more elections. I have voted for independents and third parties many times—which is possible only because I vote frequently. Overall, there are still very few candidates at the state and local levels who are not D or R.

Glad to be done with my task in this election:


Some of my recent articles for Aquarius magazine are related to how we humans live and relate to each other:
- My take on being a conscious consumer: Vote with your Mind
- A broader definition of "religion" and how we might understand each other: Your Temple and Religion

I've also collaborated on an art and commentary series, called "Breaking the Mandala." It features the work of one of my favorite artists, Keith Prossick. Lucky me gets to expand on his commentary of the layers of meaning and his artistic journey. We're halfway through the series:
month 1
month 2
month 3

Love & light,

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