The Ultimate New Year's Resolution + the first half of a surprise task (part 1 of 2)

Happy new year!

In case you missed it, my first Aquarius column for this year is The Ultimate New Year's Resolution. It's advice I want to tell the whole world, so , feel free to share the link!

For me, winter is the most inward time of year. The cold and dark are when I imagine, when I am most introspective. Winter is when read the most books, when I am the most quiet. When I ponder, when I seek new perspective, when I try new paths to return to mySelf.

In light of those considerations, I offer you something that has always given me a lot of perspective—on my own life, on my interactions with the world.

Unlike The Ultimate New Year's Resolution, this isn't advice. But it's a sweet way to explore and ponder in the wintertime.

What to do:
Make a playlist, or record a mixed tape, or burn a CD—whatever method will let you listen to the songs you select.

The important part:
This selection of music must follow the following theme: love songs that INSPIRE you, that MOVE you. The songs can be about romantic relationship, but other kinds of love—parent to child, friend to friend, person to nature, God to person, person to get the idea.

Whether you laugh or cry, whether you want to run away to another continent, whether you want to hide under your covers. Any reaction is fine; multiple reactions are fine. Meaning, the song selection doesn't have to be all the same reaction. The point is not to have all sad love songs; the point is to have all MOVING love songs. If they're all similar, fine. But if you really consider what's out there, I bet you'll have a range of songs.

The last part (for now):
Listen to this music. Notice your reactions. Notice how the same song might feel different on different days. Take notes, mental or otherwise.

The other important part:
Don't delay too much. In 13 days, I'll send the 2nd half of the task. If you haven't done this yet, be sure not to read that email until you're ready!

Blessed be,

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