2017 retrospective

Happy new year! As I'm typing this, local time is still December 31. But some parts of the world are already in 2018. 
For the past few weeks, I’ve done a lot of retrospective-ing with people, with the consensus that 2017 has been quite an intense year. A lot of collective shifts, a lot of personal shifts.

...But you know that already, yeah?
I’ve reflected at length on my personal journey, just as Stephanie (as opposed to Stephanie-interacting-with-the-world). I’ve had some Adult milestones this year, for the first time since I finished college, really. I’m a homeowner now. I’m a wife now. (I had some less common milestones too, including recording another Blue Spirit Wheel album.)
So when people ask, now and in the future, about my experiences in 2017, home ownership and marriage are the obvious things to mention. At least at the start of the conversation.

Here's a photo from the wedding after party:


Usually, we recognize how easy it is to become bogged down in unimportant details. For example, in the process of buying a home, I reminded myself not to stress about outlet covers.

At the same time, these Big Life Events have taught me that the opposite is also true—that you can just as easily be consumed (or bogged down) in The Really Big Deal(s). These recent moments of Adulthood have highlighted the value of noticing small moments, even if I don’t tell those stories as often.
But I am going to tell one to you now.
In October, I attended a women’s herbalism conference for the first time. I went alone, shared a cabin with strangers, volunteered with strangers, participated in workshops with strangers. I was grateful for the time on my own.
One night, I ran into my only friend in attendance, who’d brought her elementary-age daughter. We sat in the dark and listened to some of the speakers and musicians that evening.
Nothing remarkable happened, except for one small detail: a few times, her young daughter reached over and held my hand.

No reason. Just because. Those moments were total sweetness, from a child’s free will.
So when I remember 2017, and All The Big Things that happened, I want to remember the small details. The gestures that bring small sighs of contentment.
May you, may I, savor the small moments, find beauty, connect deeply. And notice them within the big things.

Blessed be,

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