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Happy almost-solstice -
Whether summer or winter, we're coming to a powerful point of the year. It's a moment that, for me, always invites reflection.

In 2005, I started teaching yoga, not long after the summer solstice. I understood clearly the responsibility of holding a powerful, vulnerable container for people. That made me so excited and grateful to do that kind of work.

I was also so, SO nervous. I mean on-the-brink-of-vomiting nervous. To the point that I fasted for a couple hours before teaching, because nausea on an empty stomach wasn't nearly as terrifying or distracting as nausea with something in my system.

Seven years later, Blue Spirit Wheel started playing in public. Again, I understood the container. And I was so nervous. Not quite as much as when I started teaching yoga, but pretty close.

Earlier this week, I attended a screening of Mantra: Sounds into Silence, a film about chanting practice. As you can imagine, many musicians were in attendance. Afterwards, several of them led chanting for people who lingered in the theater.

If you'd told me in 2012 that I'd volunteer to lead a chant—not a line or two, but a 40-verse poem—in a movie theater, I wouldn't have believed you. If you'd told me that in 2005, when I first started teaching yoga, I would have been puzzled, then irritated that you were teasing me.

Point being—I've come a long way. It's a blessing to have this journey. Now, I'm fortunate that at some events I teach and play music. You never know what's going to happen!

Blessed be,

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