Over her many years of practicing yoga, organizing community events, touring with Blue Spirit Wheel, wrangling a Burning Man camp, practicing yoga while touring or wrangling, Stephanie has developed completely unique, powerful offerings.

Though working on your practice certainly overlaps with working on your life, the difference is focus is significant. It's important to do both; they both require directed attention. Working on your practice, particularly when refining asana, keeps your body safe as you deepen your practice. Working on yourself, particularly when not focused specifically on asana, allows you to live more fully.

Stephanie's offerings combine different themes, such as asana, pranayama, leadership, chanting. Regardless of the primary focus, she always emphasizes the connection between spiritual practice and life. Truly understanding those connections is life-altering.

Stephanie has lived and worked on 5 continents—she tells stories and weaves lessons that are rarely heard elsewhere. She creates space in which you can dive deep into yourself and into the world, and imbues that space with laughter, gratitude, and surrender. She maintains that even the hardest self-work can be done with an element of joy. Her ability to see larger perspectives and her experiences from her own practice, as well as years of teaching others, are some of the ways in which she empowers others and helps them to transform.

© SK

© SK

Embodied Intuition

If you tune into yourself frequently, you know that it can be difficult to distinguish between ego and intuition. Are you really supposed to do [that thing], or is it just the temptation of an easy out? Truly recognizing the difference between wisdom and vanity requires keen and poignant inner knowing.

Strong intuition allows you to tap into greater contentment and synchronicity. But, everyone's experience of intuition is different. There's no single expression or manifestation of intuition. Thus the only way to know your intuition is get more acquainted to it, within yourself.

This workshop focuses on embodied practices, making you better capable of connecting to your intuition. You'll learn more about your unique experience with intuition, as well as ways to be more observant and supportive of your it.
Appropriate for all levels.

The Voice of the Breath

Your voice is the aural representation of your being. Your voice is one of the ways you show up in the world, a way to declare, a way to support, a way to inquire. The more comfortable you are with your voice, the greater potential you have to connect it to your own purpose.

Drawing on decades of vocal training and breathwork, Stephanie shares various techniques to tap into your voice and use it, musically and otherwise. This is not a workshop only for the refinement of your singing voice, though certainly that is part of what happens. The bigger intention is to become more connected and comfortable with your voice in any capacity. If you're someone who hates to hear yourself talk—you don't like listening to your voicemail greeting, you hate videos or other recordings of yourself—this is exactly the space for you.
Appropriate for all levels.

Cultivating Gratitude

Practice reveals our depths. Much of those depths are beautiful, and yet it's easy to fixate on the "not"—what we canNOT yet do, the techniques we have NOT yet mastered.

Most of us have grateful moments, but it's challenging to sustain gratitude. This workshop focuses on gratitude as an ongoing temperament, as opposed to a temporary feeling. We'll look at various perspectives, beyond our individual lives, as a way to nurture and grow the ongoing state of gratitude.

Using asana and pranayama, we'll work on using gratitude as a foundation towards shifting our lives and the collective consciousness. Appropriate for all levels.

Elemental & Directional

This workshop is about working with the sacred and mundane, with ritual and sacred spaces. Life whatever meaning you imbue into it. Life is only as sacred as you live it to be. If you aren't living intentionally, in terms of your day-to-day spaces and behaviors, you have opportunities to imbue your life with more meaning, to connect yourself more powerfully to all of creation. It's important

Modern western culture lacks emphasis on personal ritual and sacred space. Yet ritual and sacred space are often the best ways both to ground ourselves and to transcend our challenges.

In this workshop, we'll create a collective ritual space, as well as discuss variations from many different traditions. The emphasis is on what is most resonant for you.
Appropriate for all levels.

Full & New Moon Circles

The organic timing of the moon month (new moon to new moon, full moon to full moon) is a powerful way to synchronize your life with nature. Ritual work in a group setting is a powerful way to ground your own desires, as well as create momentum with which everyone can connect.

Stephanie leads breathwork, movement, and visualization as you share this grounded, open space to set intentions, address limitations, make declarations, and acknowledge gratitude. No prior experience needed; nothing required except your open mind and willingness to hold sacred space.
Appropriate for all levels.

Interconnection of Self

Do you struggle to sustain a consistent yoga practice? Are you wondering how to balance working on yourself with...managing all your other responsibilities?

Your practice is only as sustainable as it is meaningful. In other words, your practice has to affect your life. It must be significant. But it's often hard to see the true gems while you practice. It's hard to separate the insights from the chatter. Many people give up before forging the connections between practice and life.

But from the right perspective, practice is a mirror. How you are on your mat is how you are in your life. Sometimes the reflection shows pleasant surprises and hidden miracles. Other times the reflection can be hard to face.

Over the years, Stephanie has worked with athletes, cancer patients, people with LDs, people facing depression, and humanitarian workers. She's facilitated this dialogue in many different ways, proving that there are always larger connections than what happens in the asanas.

All of the lessons offer implications and opportunities for expansion. Stephanie guides a practice in which there is ample time to examine and consider the deeper relationships and connections between how you are on your mat and how you live your life. You encounter ego, vulnerability, resistance—but also surrender, courage, laughter, compassion, and acceptance. Empowered with this broader perspective, you can continue to strengthen the impact and significance of your practice.
Appropriate for all levels.

Get Grounded

This workshop is focused on creating and sustaining a self-practice. Having a self practice is one of the most valuable things you can create. Not in lieu of classes or workshops, but as a powerful foundation for deeper work.

Even when your class attendance is interrupted, you can still get on your mat or cushion (or whatever you use). Self-practice helps sustain you when those pesky things—whether truly significant matters or just ego-driven excuses—can be in the way. Consistent self-practice also makes practices with others, such as classes or workshops, even more meaningful and effective. You discover yourself in new ways.

Self-practice has always been an especially poignant topic for Stephanie, who's sustained a daily practice for over 13 years! Through illness, injuries, depression, and extensive travel, she's found a way to practice through it all.

This workshop focuses on how to face and overcome the excuses and judgements that keep us from practice. We'll break down that inner dialogue, as well as address various ways to structure a self-practice. And, certainly, we'll practice together.

Stephanie will share stories of practicing in airports, at Center Camp in Black Rock City, a bed platform in India, and other unexpected places. She's had altars in the bureau drawers of a hotel room. You'll have plenty of new ideas and inspiration.
Appropriate for all levels.

Foundations series

These workshops are focused on asana. As you grow your individual practice, it's always relevant to revisit foundational details. In fact, the more you practice, the more it becomes about nuances, rather than drastic changes. Stephanie's intention is that people to keep their bodies safe and nourished, rather than depleted or injured, from asana practice. To that end, she created her Foundations series:
~ Foundations in the Feet
~ Foundations in the Forward Folds
~ Foundations in the Core
~ Effort & Surrender
They are appropriate for all levels except complete beginners, and relevant to all variations of asana, particularly those which emphasize vinyasa.

From past participants:
"I've learned so much about core strength; my whole practice has changed."
"Studying with Stephanie has helped me gain strength I never had before—the dance workouts I've done my whole life are much easier now!"

Numinous Moxie

Numinous Moxie is Stephanie's retreat about yoga and leadership. Leadership in a broader sense than being in HR or owning a business—because leadership is broader than those examples. Leadership is essential for living your authentic path: in holding your boundaries, manifesting your dreams, and collaborating with others. Stephanie focuses on the overlaps of yoga practice, community, personal development, creativity, and relationships. Numinous Moxie is a space to strengthen the many potential circuits between what you do on your mat and what you do in your life.

From past participants:
"I received tools I really can use and that, that is what I need the most. Thank you."
"I've learned how to interact more constructively with my co-workers, and that has made my new job much easier."

"Stephanie's insights are refreshing, supportive, and intuitive. She has a patient and compassionate approach, while firm and confident in her understanding of the [yoga] practice. The best mix of gentle and strong, her approach creates an atmosphere of healing. I greatly admire her solid dedication and determination in facing the practice daily and in her service as a teacher. I am so grateful for her help."

"Stephanie is knowledgeable about what a perfectly correct practice should be, but she also is flexible in allowing students not to have to be perfectly correct."