Raising the Light Vibe ~ connection > contention

It's a pretty icky time these days, with a lot of aggression and arguments. In this time, Stephanie strongly believes it's important not to ignore reality, even when reality is uncomfortable.

Facing challenges can be done in the full light of community, playfulness, and surrender. In that spirit, Stephanie holds a practice space dedicated to connecting and supporting the highest good to all beings, regardless of beliefs or affiliation.

This space is based on lovingkindness meditation. Meaning that there are moments to savor comfort, but others in which to address restrictive attitudes and beliefs. This is not about changing anyone's beliefs—this is about honoring differences more lovingly.

The workshop incorporates asana, pranayama, visualization, and chanting. All bodies are welcome, thought it's best to have 6+ months of asana experience. The practice is very deep, and though some modifications will be explained, it's useful if participants can modify on their own.

The Art & Practice of Adjusting

Just as asana is its own practice, teaching is its own practice. And just as teaching is its own art, there is an equal art to adjusting. This workshop focuses on the wide spectrum of adjustments, from tiny nudges to more intense pressure, with or without props.

Stephanie emphasizes the importance of adjusting skillfully, which keeps everyone safe. As a teacher who's smaller than most her students, Stephanie has honed the ability over the years to offer effective adjustments without overtaxing her own body. One of the greatest adjustment skills to develop is using your own leverage, rather than relying only on strength. She also explains how understanding adjustments can refine your own asana practice, even when you're not being adjusted!

This workshop is an excellent resource for any asana practitioner, regardless of teaching experience. Certainly, the application of the knowledge of most relevant to teachers. However, learning about asana from the adjustment perspective is beneficial to anyone's practice. Recommended for anyone with 6+ months of asana experience.