"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames."
~ Rumi

©  Erik Voss

© Erik Voss

Stephanie is most inspired by interactive, inspiring performance opportunities. She cares not just about the execution of the performance, but the mission connected with the event.

Past performances & collaborations: 
~ Burning Man Fire Conclave in Black Rock City, NV, 2010
Immolation, by Ryan Mathern (part of Art on the Beltline) in Atlanta, GA, 2012
~ 1 Billion Rising in Atlanta, GA (first production in Atlanta), February 14, 2013
~ Tjak Atlan (monkey chant/kecak) in Atlanta, GA & Black Rock City, NV, 2014-2015
~ Vagina Monologues in Davidson, NC, 2001 & Atlanta, GA, 2015-2016
~ Dicklit: Exposing the Modern Inbox in Atlanta, GA, 2016
~ Corona Borealis with Flight of Swallows (debut in Atlanta Fringe Festival) in Atlanta, GA, 2016-2017
~ Rings of Light with Nomadic Love Mesa in Blue Ridge, GA, 2017

For a list of other past appearances, please see the about page.