"La pluma es la lengua de la mente."
~ Miguel de Cervantes

Stephanie has been a writer and storyteller since childhood. Her words are structured with the awareness of imbuing poetry and rhythm into prose.

She is an engaging and memorable public speaker, capable of connecting with audiences in context they find meaningful, as well as challenge them constructively around their own ideas. She is always interested in discussing the sacredness of daily life—about living with intention and joy. She is also passionate about the many lessons from her years of traveling and living abroad—the importance of diversity, tolerance, curiosity, and gratitude. A list of selected appearances is on the about page.

For 5 years, she maintained a monthly blog, southern with a small s, which combined her love of nature and spiritual practice with lessons of the mat/mala/meditation cushion.

Social justice conversations inspired her to create Conscious Confrontation, a resource for respectful discourse. You can find examples of how to initiate and continue meaningful dialogue in intense conversations.

Some of her most potent writing appears in her newsletter. Scroll down to subscribe! Past topics include: a homemade chai recipe, her first experience in a dunk tank, insightful stories, musings on the wheel of the year, and much more.

Her work has appeared in Burning Man Journal, elephant journal, and others.

© SK

© SK